The Cloud Nine Company Session 3

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For the latest session with The Cloud Nine Company, we once again had some models in the studio to demonstrate the many, many uses of this maternity pillow.

I was in no way prepared for the cuteness of these babies <3 


Law Customs

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Law Customs Session 1 HighResLaw Customs Session 1 HighRes

Law customs designs and makes custom made sabers and while I can't show you the awesome audio each one comes with I can show you the many many colours the blades change to. Amazing.

Law Customs Session 1 HighResLaw Customs Session 1 HighRes

Val B's Wax Session 3 - Simply Silver

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It's always a treat to have Val B's Wax products to photograph because they're always just so stunning. This time I was asked to photograph the brand new 'Simply Silver' range in time for the Britsh Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate and I am head over heels for these new circular pentents.

Bluebell Wood 2018

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IMG_6696 collageIMG_6696 collage

After finding an ancient Bluebell Wood just 10 minutes away from where we live I knew it was going to me my favourite go-to spot for portraits. From the colours of the bluebells contrasting to the lush spring green of the grass and in the sunshine the dappled light on the woodland floor to butterflies hopping from bloom to bloom and my daughter dancing for the fairies in the trees makes the whole place enchanted.

IMG_6500IMG_6500 IMG_6558IMG_6558 IMG_6565IMG_6565 IMG_6573IMG_6573 IMG_6580IMG_6580 IMG_6641IMG_6641 IMG_6735IMG_6735 IMG_6753IMG_6753 IMG_65582IMG_65582 IMG_65583IMG_65583 IMG_65584IMG_65584 IMG_65585IMG_65585

Photography Packages: Standard Product Sessions

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After spending some time re-organising my website portfolios I thought it would be a good idea to create a little blog series going into a little more detail about what sorts of photography sessions I offer and what is involved in each of them.

Firstly we'll start with the 'Standard' product photography sessions, which are designed for creatives and producers who require minimalist and technical images of their items. These shoots are ideal for online stores who use multiple platforms to sell their items as they are always shot on a white or grey backdrop, using studio lighting and a very small amount of props, if any at all. This way the images will pass the image requirements of more strict e-commerce stores while also providing attractive, clean imagery that enlarges to show your customers all of the small details and various angles of your product.

Standard sessions are a part of my drop-off service where clients can bring the items to my home studio to be photographed and then collected later on in the day, which is particularly handy for shoots requiring a larger number of images to be catalogued, freeing up your day and allowing you to get back to doing your own thing.
I also offer 'mini' shoots for under 5 items which are great for those who regularly update their stock/designs and who require consistent, high-quality imagery for their websites, stores as well as printed and social media.

All packages are digital and delivered via digital download in a password protected client gallery on my website along with a usage license. Low-resolution duplicates (also available in square crop if required) are also provided, which are the ideal size for web use.

For more information or to make a booking, get in touch via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Reachout Arts Session 2

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I first worked with the Reachout Arts Team last summer to grab some promo shots for their initial launch. Since then they have broadened their horizons and asked me to go back and photograph some more images of the launch of their Reachout School of Arts.

With a wide variety (and always growing number) of classes in Shropshire I popped into the first day of sessions at a village hall on the outskirts of Bridgnorth -hence the fluorescent lights :( - and photographed the junior and senior theatre classes as well as a street dance session.

It was an absolute blast, with a fantastic bunch of kids and truly talented teachers.


Good 2 Great

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Good 2 Great is a business management consultancy based company in Bridgnorth who invited me to their offices to photograph some new company headshots and to take a few pictures for their marketing of how they operate behind the scenes.

Since Good 2 Great is made up of such a large number of industry experts (and therefore busy people), we shot the session on one of their meeting days when most of the team would be in the office, using my portable light set-up for the headshots during a short break between two meetings. I then popped into a couple of the sessions to grab a few snaps of them in action before spending a little longer back in the office with the guys there, where I could grab a few candid snaps without getting under anybody's feet.

Being able to work quickly and discreetly within the available space is essential for sessions such as these, to be able to get the required photographs without disrupting a real-life work day. 

The Cloud Nine Company Session 2

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Cloud 9 Company 2 HighResCloud 9 Company 2 HighRes

As a follow up to our initial product only session for The Cloud Nine Company, this time Emma brought along the gorgeous Marie-Claire (and bump!) to 'model' the pregnancy pillows for their product packaging. These short and sweet mini product photoshoots are great for businesses with a small amount of items to be photographed, providing a selection of professional shots of your websites and social media without breaking the bank.

Get in touch via the contact button to find out more.

Cloud 9 Company 2 HighResCloud 9 Company 2 HighRes

Carding Mill Valley

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After what feels like forever, the sun came out for long enough for us to take a little family drive up to The Long Mynd and take a walk through Carding Mill Valley. There was still a little snow on the hills, but there was no way we'd make it that high anyway so we packed a picnic and successfully dodged the rain for long enough to eat it.

IMG_0451IMG_0451 IMG_0458IMG_0458 IMG_0460IMG_0460 IMG_0467IMG_0467 IMG_0471IMG_0471 IMG_0477IMG_0477 IMG_0485IMG_0485 IMG_0490IMG_0490 IMG_0496IMG_0496 IMG_0507IMG_0507 IMG_0523IMG_0523 IMG_0525IMG_0525 IMG_0566IMG_0566 IMG_0581IMG_0581 IMG_0582IMG_0582 IMG_0585IMG_0585

Dog & Collar Session 2

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032018 dog and collar blog (2)032018 dog and collar blog (2)

Images from my latest 'drop off' e-commerce photography session shooting the newest range of pet accessories from Dog & Collar. Check out their site to see more. 

032018 dog and collar blog032018 dog and collar blog


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