How long have you been a photographer?

I began studying photography at college in 2006 before moving on to gain my bachelors degree from UWE in Bristol. After I graduated I worked part time as a teaching assistant, while picking up occasional photography work in and around the West Midlands in the evenings or at weekends, before officially starting up as a freelance photographer when my little family and I moved to Bridgnorth in 2015. 


Little me with my little camera. 2006.


How much do you charge?

It depends completely upon the package and session. I have general price lists available upon request which is a really handy way of getting a rough idea of how much your shoot would cost, but I like to be as flexible as possible and so only once we've discussed in a bit of detail what you have in mind, how long you want to book for, what editing you need and so on, can I say specifically how much any session will cost. I work hard to ensure my prices are fair and reflective of what you will receive, and so the more information I get, the more accurate your pricing will be.


What's your specialism?

For as long as I've had a camera, I've photographed anything and everything. There are definite advantages to specializing in one area of photography, but I enjoy the variety too much to limit myself to just one thing and so as long as I am confident in my ability, I'm happy to shoot almost anything which is why my portfolio is so varied! I adore photographing weddings, I love working with people and capturing the relationships between them and the small moments and expressions that you can't plan for. But I also get a real kick out of the precision of product photography. I love experimenting in my studio where I have total control over the environment I work in and I love working outside in the elements, where every session is surprising.
Not so little me with my not so little camera. 2016.


How will we plan the photoshoot?

For many photoshoots, chatting via email is the easiest way for everybody involved to get all of the required information to plan your session and means everyone has something written down with the specifics to refer to, but sometimes it's necessary to meet up in person first, which is great! I find this to be particularly useful for engaged couples looking for their wedding photographer, where it's helpful for me to get a clear picture of who you are and what kinds of imagery you're hoping to receive and also for you to decide if I'd be the right fit for the sort of photographer you'd like to have with you on such an important day.  
I also offer pre-wedding sessions as an add-on to wedding packages, which is really helpful for couples who aren't very confident in front of the camera to get a bit of practice in before their big day.


Are images edited?

Yes. I shoot in RAW, a high definition format which at the very least must be converted before it's viewable. All images are then processed with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software, to meet the aesthetic that you have in mind though usually I aim to get as much of the work done in-camera as possible, which means I can provide a faster turn around and better consistancy in your images.

Tethered set-up for a product photo session taken in-store after close. Shooting tethered to my laptop or tablet for product sessions allows clients to view images I shoot them so we can make tweaks to the lighting and styling and changes as we go and gives you more imput in how your final images will look.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! Especially for date-specific events such as weddings, I'd recommend booking at LEAST 6 months in advance of your date. For commercial sessions, particularly ones that would be seasonably styled and used for promotion in a particular time period I'd recommend booking 2 months in advance, to ensure your items can be photographed, edited and uploaded for you at least a month before you need to use the images for your promotions and marketing.


Will I receive digital files?

All of my packages are digital as standard, with your files included in your package price (so no hidden costs in order to actually buy your pictures) providing you with both high resolution files which will allow you to source your own printed materials if you should wish to do so, as well as low resolution duplicates for web and social media sharing. Digital files are available for download direct from a password protected gallery as well as a custom USB or disk, depending on your package type.

Digital photography session Disk packaging


Will I receive prints?

I have recently added a selection of 6x4 prints to my wedding packages as standard along with a USB of your images, as I know that life is crazy and as much as we always want to have a beautiful album of pictures we often don't get around to actually ordering it (no judgments guys, I don't have any prints of my own wedding either... but one day I will, I swear!). Larger prints and photobooks can be purchased as add-ons to your photography package.


Will I get copyright?

Copyright is automatically granted to the creator of an image, which allows the photographer to share, reproduce, sell or alter the image however they wish. To sell copyright is possible, however to do so is costly and in most instances I feel is unnecessary when a client only requires images for personal use or to promote their services. Instead, I sell a usage license (which is included in your package price), detailing the specific uses you have for your digital files and priced to reflect that. If you want to buy high res digital files that you want to use, print and share indefinitely, that you can edit to suit your brand, that's great! If you want a handful of images to use specifically on your instagram and website, that won't ever require printing or editing, that's brilliant, and we can make sure your session fee and usage license reflect your specific needs rather than charging in a one-size-fits-all manner. 

Wedding photography session packaging


Can I book multiple sessions?

Of course! I have recently set up some multi-session digital packages which are ideal for small/independent businesses, creators, crafters and online sellers who regularly update their social media or online stock and or who promote seasonally. Opting for a multi-session package means that repeat sessions are available at a discounted rate, and that you can ensure you have a booking reserved however frequently is required without having to pay a deposit for each session, making the process a little more fluid.


Where will the photoshoot take place?

Depending on the type of shoot, generally I work using a portable studio set-up (for sessions local to Bridgnorth), allowing me to travel with my equipment to create your images wherever suits you. I find this to be particularly useful for product photography when shooting stock for local businesses, as if the space allows, it ensures all of the items can be photographed without needing to be taken out of the shop or work area and for businesses where the location itself is just as important as the service and/or items it provides, being able to use the venue as a backdrop can be incredibly useful.

If however, if it's easier and if space allows, my studio can also be set up within my own home which is located a stone's throw from Bridgnorth High Street. This also allows you to drop the items off to be photographed while you get back to doing what you do best and then collected later in the day, or if you have specific styling in mind you can stick around and make sure each shot meets your specifications.

ReachOutArtsUK Session 1 LowResReachOutArtsUK Session 1 LowRes Portable studio set-up on location. Ideal for headshots, small groups (or large groups of small people!) and product photography.


How do I book a session?

Once you get in touch to let me know a little bit about what it is that you'd like me to photograph and settled on a quote, we can discuss a date and location for the photoshoot. All sessions are reserved upon receipt of a signed contract and paid deposit, so make sure you get them both back to me as soon as you can to make sure your date doesn't get booked by somebody else!

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