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That's Nice Interiors Autumn/Winter Part III

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

That's Nice Session 12 lowRes blog (98)That's Nice Session 12 lowRes blog (98)

Every business has its own unique aesthetic and it's really important that images shot for retailers are consistant with that aesthetic across the various platforms they will be used on, while keeping within the constraints presented by each platform and while still displaying the products in a way that makes them as true to life to customers as possible to depict all of the quality and detail that an online shopper wouldn't be able to experience first hand.

I love working closely with clients to bring their own store's personal style into their images, and That Nice Interiors is one of the most fun and challenging to do this with. With a monochrome colour pallet and a preference for minimalism, we rely on texture, composition, styling and lighting choices to make images something more than basic ecomms shots, keep them up to date with seasonal trends, and to make each set of images different than the last.


That's Nice 12 xmas blogThat's Nice 12 xmas blog


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