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Dog and Collar - 'Drop Off' Sessions

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4. Collars LowRes (9)4. Collars LowRes (9)

From a recent 'drop-off' session with Dog And Collar, shooting e-commerce imagery of their regally inspired pet accessories.
The shoot involved getting shots of each of the collars and leads in all of the available fabrics and then various colour swatches for each of the fabrics along with other add-ons such as engraved collar clips and tags. Because the session was very minimalist in terms of styling, but very detailed in terms of the amount of items that needed to be photographed in many different configurations, the products were dropped off at my home studio along with a detailed outline of all of the shots required, and then collected later on in the day allowing me to provide a much longer session and a wider selection of images than I usually would when working on location and meant that the client could get back to doing what they do best without needing to take time out of their work day.

When shooting for online sellers, many find it useful to have a wide variety of images of each item, including close-ups to show the materials and quality, wide shots for scale and over-all shape and then all of the different colours, fabrics, sizes, etc so that when customers are viewing the items in the e-store, they can scroll through and see all of the choices available.

'Drop off' sessions are absolutely ideal for this, and so if you're looking to update your online shop or product catalogue, get in touch to find out more.


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