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That's Nice Autumn/Winter 2017

September 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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Earlier in the year I began offering multi-session packages to some of the Bridgnorth Based businesses that I work with, allowing clients to book a number of shorter session (1-2 hours each) over a specific period of time.

I find that for some businesses, booking shorter, more frequent sessions which enables them to build a catalogue of their products over a longer period of time, provides a flexibility and adaptability that wouldn't be possible if we shot everything all at once, in one huge photoshoot. By staggering the sessions, styling, content and the over all mood of the images can adapt and stay up to date with new trends and changing seasons without the need to spend a fortune booking huge sessions every few months.

thats nice 10 blogthats nice 10 blog

For our latest session we shot picture frames, using some gorgeous autumnal styling mixed in with That's Nice's signature minimalist colour palette and I used a little bit of photoshop trickery to insert digital images into the frames rather than getting them printed, allowing the final images to have more variety.

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While I find it's best to get as much work fone in-camera as possible, sometimes a little post-production can go a long way, particularly when working in a shop environment where the lighting and space aren't primarily designed for photography.


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