Relaxed Family Portrait Session in Bridgnorth

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Beckie Nathan Portraits 02.11.2019 LowRes (12)Beckie Nathan Portraits 02.11.2019 LowRes (12)

I don't market myself as a family portait photographer because I feel that to be one, it's best to have a studio, which I don't. But when the circumstances are right, and if I feel like my style of portrait photography suits what a family have in mind, then I'll do it, because I know as a parent myself, how fleeting all the gorgeousness of baby and toddlerhood is and wouldn't want to deny preserving those beautiful memories.

For me, capturing a child's personality is the most important thing about a photoshoot, what they're wearing, where they are or how they sit is secondary. If they're boistrous or shy, precocious or cheeky, rambunctious or anxious that's all okay. If they're happier halfway up a tree or cuddled up on their parent's lap or hiding behind their favourite teddy, it's who they are at that moment in their lives, and it's a good thing that we can look back at that and remember them as they truly were. When I look back at my favourite pictures of my own children, it's always the ones I caught of them engaged in some activity, or interacting with eachother, or talking animatedly, midsentence about something awesome, that make my heart melt.

So I don't force children into poses for the sake of composition or formality, won't force them to look at me, wont insist on dragging out a session past the point of enjoyment for the sake of a 'perfect' shot. And it's absolutely okay that not everybody wants to risk spending their money on a session that doesn't guarentee a perfectly polished picture of their child.

But if you aren't after perfection, if your kid is happier doing their own thing, getting muddy or pretending to be a princess or walking the dog or pulling faces or even just hanging out in the living room like these two gorgeous cousins, then get in touch and let's chat.



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