Black Tree Organics Session 1

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black tree 1 coverblack tree 1 cover

I've been so excited to share this styled shoot for Black Tree Organics which took place in February.
The shoot was a collaborative effort between Kelly of Black Tree Organics, Lindsey of Buy From and myself, at Kelly's stunning home in Shropshire, which somehow managed to have the best natural lighting conditions I ever could have asked for and made for one of the most fun and easy styled sessions I've ever been a part of.

Having such a large amount of products to arrange and photograph can often be a complicated process logistically, but with Kelly's clear, straight forward ideas about how she wanted her products shot, in which combinations and along with specifically sourced props to go with each item to be displayed, combined with Lindsey's detailed shot lists and knowledgability about how best to arrange each product in order to be able to market them in multiple ways, meant that a shoot that easily could have taken a full day, was complete in just over 2 hours with very little editing, no reshooting and no backtracking to cover forgotten item combinations.

Before any product shoot, especially for styled sessions I always try to emphasise the importance of providing a shot list with as much detail as can be provided, as something that might be obvious to a producer who has been working with their product for years, may not be so obvious to me, who has been working with it for 5 minutes and for this shoot, the amount of time and thought that went into planning that what information was necesary for me to know, meant that I could focus soley on lighting, styling and shooting the items instead of trying to decode shotlists that don't have much information, and it paid off a thousand fold, meaning we even had time to get creative, to experiment and play around with additional images that weren't on the shot list, too.

Working with businesses who work with marketing agencies is always a bonus. As creatives we have to be so focused on the service or product that we provide that it's easy to overlook or undervalue the things that fall outside of our areas of expertise, so having a third person who's job it is to know specifically how an image will be used, why it's required, who will see it and for how long is absolutely worth having if you can.

Black Tree Organics create wonderful products and it's such a privilege to work alongside such talented, dedicated businesses owner. Be sure to head to their online store and get your home spelling as lush as mine did when I had this range in for the studio shots (coming soon!)

Black Tree Organics Session 1 LowRes (50)Black Tree Organics Session 1 LowRes (50)


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